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1. Leader in the plant-based combination therapy space.

2. First to bring plant-based Alzheimer’s medication to patients in select medical states in the U.S.

3. First to acquire patent-pending research from the University of South Florida (USF) for Alzheimer’s.

4. Anticipate medical trials for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s plant-based formulations.

5. Deep portfolio of products for pain, epilepsy, and eating disorders.

Company is listed on the NYSE American: IGC
It is also available for trading on the open market of Germany: Borse Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart: IGS1
The symbols on Yahoo Finance: IGC, IGS1.F, IGS1.BE, IGS1.SG

We have no warrants outstanding.

We are a Maryland based company located in Bethesda Maryland, USA.

We use Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company.

To receive a copy of IGC’s annual report, please go to

Our financial year ends on March 31.

IGC has adopted the following policies and charters to help ensure that it retains its integrity and merits public trust and confidence. For more details please refer to: